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If you purchased a product or service and you were given some bad advice, if you were not given the full information relating to the service or product or if the risks were not explained fully to you and you ended up with a product or service that is not what you originally purchased or thought you were purchasing then you could be entitled to all of the money you paid for that product to be refunded, and in a lot of instances this could also include compensation and interest. This might be the purchase of a mobile phone for a few hundred pounds to the miss-selling of an investment or property amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Your Life Made Easy work closely with fully regulated Claims Management Companies and Lawyers who specialise in winning claims for customers on a No Win No Fee basis.

Regulated Claims Companies and Lawyers do not charge an upfront fee and can only invoice you for a commission once your claim has been won and settled in full.

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Miss-sold Mortgage Claims

There are many reasons why you may have been miss-sold your mortgage:

  • You were told to purchase a mortgage that was not suitable for you
  • You were advised to consolidate loans, credit cards or other debts
  • Your mortgage ends after your retirement age
  • You were sold a mortgage product because the broker received a commission that was not disclosed
  • Your broker did not carry out enough checks to ensure your mortgage was affordable
Housing Disrepair Claims

If you are a tenant living in rented accommodation, it can be very upsetting if your landlord will not repair your home when there are faults or when it has fallen into disrepair. All landlords are legally obligated to maintain the property you rent from them to a reasonable standard. There are clear guidelines outlining how tenants must action a claim and how a landlord must act when a complaint has been made.

Your Life Made Easy work closely with Lawyers who are experts in this field and who specialise in actioning, processing and winning claims for tenants who are entitled to have their rented accommodation maintained correctly, quite often claimants are also entitled to a compensation amount.

Making a Claim

You can action a claim yourself but making a claim through a regulated Claims Management Company or Lawyer means that they do all of the work for you, submit the claims and all the support documents and fight the case on your behalf. They are experienced and qualified to offer this service and remember there is no risk or cost to you, you only pay a commission if the claim is successful.

Did you know?

The total amount paid out to customers who were miss-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) from January 2011 to August 2019 was in excess of £36 Billion pounds.

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