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What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a simple straightforward way to help cover the costs of your funeral in advance and also allows you to put plans and arrangements in place.

Why do I need a funeral Plan?

Planning your funeral may not seem important now but planning for the future should always be a priority.

The cost of funerals increases each year, so it is sensible to start planning ahead for your own peace of mind and so you can reassure your family that you have made plans.

Some of the most important reasons to have a funeral plan are:

We have no way of knowing what a funeral will cost when we need one, but we can be sure that the cost of a funeral never gets any cheaper. Planning ahead you can help your family and loved ones manage the costs of your funeral whenever it is and whatever the cost.

Caring for others

Putting a funeral plan is place is one of the final things you can do to relieve stress for your loved ones at a difficult time. The last thing your family and relatives need at such an emotional time is deciding whether you want songs at the service, flowers or donations and once the financial considerations are taken care of your family and friends can spend time celebrating your life. It can be hard to discuss your funeral plan with members of your family but once you have everyone feels more at ease about the future.

Your wishes carried out

Informing your loved ones of your funeral plan will of course help them at a tough time but it also makes sure that your personal wishes can be honoured, whatever they are. You may wish to be cremated in a certain outfit that is special to you, you may want a less traditional ceremony without a service, or a memorial wake for family and friends, whatever your choice a funeral plan assures that your wishes are carried out in as much detail as you would prefer.

Did you know?

In 2007 the average cost of dying was £5,858, in 2018 the average cost was £9,204 an increase of over 57%

Research projects that costs could reach an estimated £10,441 by 2023*

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