Your Probate Made Easy

Fixed price probate application £495

Losing a loved one is never easy and we understand that now, more than ever, the prospect of applying for probate may seem a daunting task.

Let us make your life easier.  Either complete our online questionnaire or speak to one of our advisors.

In most cases, we can prepare the paperwork and send it to you within 48 hours. Once you return it to us, probate will normally be issued within 2 weeks*.

*depending on volume levels at the probate registry

Step 1

Either call us or complete our online questionnaire.

For all estates valued at up to £325,000 we will charge

  • a fixed fee of £495;
  • the Court application fee (currently £155);
  • Office copies – £15 for 10.

If the value of the estate exceeds this amount we will give you a no obligation personalised quote.

Step 2

We prepare the forms to apply for probate.

The forms are checked by our consultant solicitor.

We send them to you to sign.

Step 3

Once probate is issued, we will send you the official copies in the post.

You can then close any bank accounts, sell shares and property and distribute the assets of the estate.