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Distribute your assets to whoever you want to when you want to

What is a Trust?

A Trust allows you to pass on your possessions to whomever you would like and in what way you would prefer. A Trust also protects and guarantees the safety of your assets and stops them being used in ways you would not like. Setting up a Trust can ensure your family make the most of their inheritance, most of all a Trust allows you to enjoy life without worrying what will happen to your assets once you are gone.

Make life easier for everyone

A Trust allows you to create specific rules regarding how your assets can be distributed and used. For example, if you have very young grandchildren you can ready a Trust for when they turn 18 or 21. This would mean they can only access the money in the fund when they reach this age or you can set up a Trust which can drip feed them guaranteeing them an income long after you have passed away.

A correctly written Will can distribute your possessions or assets, but a Trust can be more beneficial when your situation is more complex.

Professional Legal Advice

Your Life Made Easy only work with fully regulated lawyers who are leaders in their field, experts who can specialise in setting up complex and detailed Trusts. You can expect clearly explained advice and complete confidentiality along with a full disclosure of costs and how they are broken down.

Did you know?

You can set up a Trust to support someone who cannot manage their money. So that their needs are looked after, even when you aren’t able to help them.

    Protecting you and your family